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Phoonk…., Its superstition… till it happens to you – RGV

Its superstition… till it happens to you - RGV The maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has come to Hyderabad to release the audio of Homam, directed by his disciple, JD Chakravarthy. He also did a bit of promotional job for his forthcoming horror film Phoonk.

Excerpts from his interview :

On the theme of Phoonk
Sometimes many of us may have to move about in dark or isolated environs. Such times most of us experience an inexplicable fear. Though we are not normally afraid of lemon, we scrupulously avoid a vermillion smeared lemon lying on the road, which clearly means that we are afraid of something that does not have a reasonable explanation, may be fear of the unknown.
Many people talk about black magic and many people say that such things do not exhist. The very fact that the novel Tulasidalam, dealing with black magic, written by Yendamuri Veerendranath, is so popular, clearly shows that many people would like to know about it.

On the genre of Phoonk
The film is meant to scare the audience out of their wits. The film belongs to the genre of horror. The tagline of the film explains it all – Its superstition… till it happens to you.
The film narrates the story of construction engineer Rajiv, an atheist ,his wife and two children. He does not believe in either God or the dark forces. He terms the believers as just gullible and ignorant.
All of a sudden, on one terrifying day, the evil strikes his house with full force and brings his family on to the verge of destruction. His fundamental beliefs are on shaky ground and the assault of black magic inexplicable. In fact the film deals with the continuous conflict between good and evil, the eternal clash of positive and negative forces.

On black magic
Black magic is as old as the civilization and the birth of religions. It is not only in India, but all over the world, like voodoo and obeah and the witchcraft. My film is neither a protagonist nor an antagonist of black magic. I am only audio-visually narrating a phenomenon.

On scary films
All the films I made in the horror genre, like Bhooth, Raath and others, achieved reasonable success at the box office. I always like to experiment in different genres of films.

On future plans

I am a busy bee. I never sit at home idle. And never expect anything from me. No one knows what I will do next.

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