Petition in Supreme Court against Dasavatharam

Petition in Supreme Court against Dasavatharam The petitioners R Bakthavatsalam and Swami Govinda Ramanuja Dasa from Chennai, moved the Supreme Court for a stay on its release of actor and director Kamal Haasan’s multi-crore movie Dasavatharam, alleging that the film hurts the religious sentiments of 50 crore Vaishnavites. The petitioners submitted that if screening of the movie were not stayed it would create a law and order problem in the country.
“No one can be permitted to disturb harmony and no film should be allowed to be made which would hurt people and disturb law and order,” the petitioners said. “The film Dasavatharam projects violent clash between Saivaites (those who worship Lord Shiva) and Vaishnavites (worshippers of Lord Vishnu) hurting the religious feelings and sentiments of entire Hindu community,” the petition alleged, challenging a Madras high court order allowing screening of the film.
The petitioner had contended that the movie had scenes that offended Hindu sentiments, particularly that of Vaishnavites. The petition was based on clippings of the movie shown in a private Tamil television channel. The petitioners prayed for deletion of scenes depicting clashes between Vaishnavites and Saivites and few other scenes.

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  1. chris johnson says:

    Dear everyone,
    I just wanted to point out, for the record,that there is a difference between the Swami Govinda Ramanuja dasa in India and Govinda Ramanuja dasa in America. They might have the same name and Religion, but,They are two totally different people. I personally know the Govinda Ramanuja dasa in America and he is a non-political, highly Spiritual-Godly person. I have know the american Govinda Ramanuja dasa for a number of years, and he is a very sane, thoughtful, highly intellegent, loving, caring and Highly Godly person. Who has helped many people, wheither Spiritually-Religiously, financially or other-wise. He has many friends that would vouch for what I said. The only thing you can say about the american Govinda Ramanuja dasa, while he was on Wikipedia, he was try to stop the mis-information, dominance and cult slant that certain ISKCON/Hare Krishna editors have done on most of the Hindu related articles on Wikipedia, by defending his conserns and opposition with Shruti or the original scriptures of India; the four Vedas, the main Upanishads, the Laws of Manu, the Vedanta sutra…Which ISKCON does not follow and is critical of. For a time he was successful against their spreading of their cult ideas and fantasies on Wikipedia, but, retired from editoring amist the collective opposition of ISKCON editors and their supporters in marring any thing related to hindu articles with ISKCON cult ideas. Before becoming Hindu/Vaishnava, he practiced and studied Jewish Kabbalah, Gnosticism,Buddhism and many other paths and Spiritual disciplines that helped him in his dharmic practices as a strict Vaishnava/Hindu now. As a friend of the american Govinda Ramanuja dasa, his knowledge and understanding of the Vedas and almost every thing dealing with Godly matters…is incredible! like I said, the american Govinda Ramanuja dasa is a caring, extraordinary, helpful, sane friend to all and Non-political and Very Godly and Spiritual. I hope that this clears up any confusion in this matter.