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Perfectionist Production House Rejects Numerous Scripts

Perfectionist Production House Rejects Numerous Scripts

Mr.Perfectionist aamir khan according to sources rejected a record number of scripts around 200 over an year and that included even from high profile directors like Vishal Bhardwaj, Pradeep Sarkar and Priyadarshan. Many are left to wonder what was wrong with them since all other production houses are busy till 2014 while Amir’s house is perfectly free.

Sources say Amir and his team has carefully evaluated around 200 scripts in the last 12 months and out of 15 subjects from each month,they found none interesting. Sources say “An original idea… if he gets the hint that the script borrows even as much as a phrase from somewhere, he will reject it,”. They say there is internal three stage screening process. which makes it difficult to get through for even top director.

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