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Pawanism Above All

Pawanism Above All

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s movie Attarintiki Daredi should have been released originally on August 7th that is today. It’s inopportune that we are ignoring the fact that what a performer Pawan Kalyan has always been and are annoying to give him a lapel of a political party. We are all Telugu speaking people whether we belong to Telangana or rest of Andhra so what’s the point in not having a Telugu movie released? Let us realize this soon and extend our support for its release and also its smooth run at the box office. Tell me friends, does Pawan’s movies have flavor of a political party? Don’t we know he was the first to announce support for the Uttarakhand relief? Even a maverick director like Ram Gopal Varma went on expressing his love for Pawan with his string of tweets yesterday. So Not Telangana not Samaikhyandhra we are all pawan fans we support pawanism

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