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Pawan kalyan tête-à-tête with former naxalite sympathisers

Pawan kalyan tête-à-tête with former naxalite sympathisersIt is reliably learnt Chiranjevi’s brother Pawan Kalyan has been meeting some naxalite sympathizers to eliciting their opinion over Chiranjeevi’new party.

Notable among are Mahanthy , Eeenadu senior journalist and brother of late Purushottam ( APCLC former president), Chandra Sekhar , a leading lawyer from Guntur who worked in APCLC( Andhra Pradesh State Civil Liberty Committee) and HRF ( Human Rights Forum) in different positions. Chandra Sekhar is in news recently when he won the Chudur dalit massacre case. Another notable figure is former state Radical Student Union president and the writer of controversial book “Pravahaganam’’ Damu.

During Nandini-Pawan Kalyan court hearings Chandra Sekhar wrote an article in Andhra jyothi supporting Pawan Kalyan –Renu Desai out of wedlock relation.

More than forty people attended the meeting and majority of them directly and indirectly worked for naxalite organizations in their earlier life and some of them still continuing as sympathizers.

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