Pawan Kalyan-Renu Desai heading for break up

Pawan Kalyan-Renu Desai heading for break up

Pawan Kalyan-Renu Desai’s marriage is on the rocks? Yes, says Film Nagar talk. Case in point is Renu Desai didn’t even turn up for Allu Arjun‘s wedding. Grapevine has it that differences cropped up between them when the power start spent all his time campaigning for Praja Rajyam Party thinking that his mega brother Chiranjeevi would become chief minister and he could call the shots later.

Film Nagar talk says Renu Desai had already left for Pune and Pawan Kalyan was alone here and predicting that their marriage would break up. Pawan Kalyan too, after the release of his Teenmaar went to the US to relax. Their son is reportedly under the custody of Teenmaar producer Ganesh.

3 Responses to “Pawan Kalyan-Renu Desai heading for break up”

  1. rishi says:

    wat the hell is this a GOSSIP …… n i dont think soo….

  2. sekhar says:

    oh ! what a lovely chance,to enjoy another affair??

  3. suzi says:

    If they divorce we will hear about it, if they dont, they are likely to come out and blame media for spreading ‘rumours’, Amala akkinnei is doing it since last 18 years-blame media…