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Pawan Kalyan Handled Changes

Pawan Kalyan Handled Changes

The most charismatic actors in Tollywood are now Power Star Pawan Kalyan. He earned a huge fan base across the globe for his simplicity and dedication towards work than his acting. One of the landmark films in his career is ‘Gabbar Singh’. It was a feast for his fans; Pawan appeared in an energetic role after a long time. For changing the script and adding loads of entertainment into this film, filmmakers and audience have appreciated the director Harish Shankar for the same. It is a known fact that this director played an equally important role in the success of ‘Gabbar Singh’. Now they are making ‘Gabbar Singh 2’ and the makers have released a press note. It says,”It is also known that it was Pawan Kalyan who decided the name Gabbar Singh and added fresh elements to the maverick cop’s characterization that entertained audience all over the world. It was Pawan Kalyan’s ideas that gave a new destiny to the movie including the costume of cops to the Antakshari game in it. It shows it took 2 years for the makers to tell people that Pawan Kalyan handled the changes in Gabbar Singh. Now the question of neutral audience is that If the statement is true what the role of Harish Shankar in Gabbar Singh was then.

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