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Pavithra Movie Review

Pavithra Movie Review


Pavitra (Shriya) was forced to enter into prostitution, to save her ailing mother. She lost her father at early age. Even after her resolute efforts, Pavitra couldn’t save her mother but decides to donate her earnings to a cancer hospital.

Pavitra in her profession comes into contact with many influential people. MLA Sridhar (Sai Kumar) son Munna (Kaushik Babu) falls in love with her. It all boils down to whether Sridhar agree to Pavitra’s marriage with his son and what happens next should be enjoyed in theaters.


Shriya showed her acting talent and oozed with glamor as she always does. Sai Kumar did well in the role tailormade for him. Others like Roja,shivaji,Yandamoori Veerendarnath, Ravi Babu, AVS made their presence felt in the movie.


Shriya’s performance
social message
powerful dialogues


weak screenplay
lack of comedy
first half pace


Janardhan Maharshi’s story is completely message oriented and it will not have any commercial elements. Though the story is strong, weak direction and screenplay spoiled the fun. Director’s inexperience is stamped on the film.


Srilekha’s music and background score is ok. Production values are ok. Cinematography is nothing great but passable. There are many boring scenes and editing could have been better.


Pavitra is a loosely knit message oriented film.

Star cast: Shriya Sarana , Roja-Selvamani , Meera Chopra , Sai Kumar

Director: janardhan maharshi.

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

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