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Pappu Movie Review

Pappu Movie Review

The Film

Pappu is a vain attempt at making some sort of comedy work somehow and like all half-hearted attempts, the movie goes meandering lacking focus.

The Synopsis

Pappu ( Krishnudu) is a born loser with ill –luck tagging him like a curse. To compound his woes he falls in love with Radha ( Dipika) daughter of his boss (Banarjee). With a cinematic twist of the tale Radha is kidnapped. Ram ( Subbaraju), an ace crime-buster is assigned to rescue the kidnapped victim. With a queer turn of events, Pappu is roped in with Ram to unravel the kidnap mystery of Radha. The rest of the story is on predictable lines ending in an expected climax.

Pappu Movie Review

The Performances

Krishnudu, somehow, overcomes his obese bulk and gives a bubbly and ebullient performance. Subbaraju gives a decent exposition of his role. Dipika fulfills the glamour part of the movie. All others go through their motions because of lack of clarity of their roles vis-à-vis the total story.

The Techniques

A raw plot with ill-conceived incidents makes the narration weak. The screenplay is mistook for presentation. To make a comedy-crime-thriller work, there should be either logical sequence in the narration or brash nonsense with punching dialogues and meaningless rib-tickling episodes. Technically the film is good.. But what is the use, when there is no content?

Pappu Movie Review

The Verdict

Pappu is a time-pass fare.

The Cast and crew

Krishnudu, Subbaraju, Dipika, Uttej, Banerjee, Junaid, Siva Reddy, Sangeetha, Melkote, Surya and others
Music: Phani Kalyan
Cinematography: Kesani Rajendra
Producers: Praveen Reddy, Yada Nagesh

Banner: Arya Entertainment

Director: Sapan Pasumarthy

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar
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