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Panjaa Review by Brahma Mahesh

anjaa Movie Review

anjaa Movie Review

Panjaa – My Take
Panjaa starring Power star Pawan Kalyan has raised expectations among fans and regular film goers alike after the first look and audio has released. Power star’s look created lot of interest in the film goers. The movie has released worldwide today with a positive pre release talk. Let us see how the film fared well on the screen.

What is it about?
Panjaa is about a man- Jay’s story and his struggle within. Jay (Pawan kalian) is the henchman of a mafia don Bhagwan (Jackie Shroff). Right word to describe him rather than calling him henchman is a shadow or a shield. Jay vowed his life for the cause of Bhagwan and this is as a result of his loyalty for Bhagwan who helped him when his mother and sister were killed. He is the most loyal and trusted lieutenant of Bhagwan. Bhagwan has a psychopath son munna( Adivi Shesh) who has lusted on jai’s friend Jhanvi (Anjali Lavania) and treats the men who work for his dad as dogs and jokers. Jay runs a nursery in his pastime and sandhya (Sarah Jane Dias); his love joins his nursery to help him. He likes her and starts moving around her. Bhagwan has an opponent by name Kulkarni (Atul Kulkarni) who is looking for an opportunity to topple him. Munna insults Sabhapathy (Paruchuri) loyal worker of Bhagwan and sabhapathy moves himself to kulkarni gang. When Bhagwan orders his killing, Jay goes to Kulkarni’s place to get Sabhapathy back and kidnaps Sampath’s son as his insurance. Psychopath munna kills Sampath’s son in a fit of rage and then enraged by Guravaiah (Tanikella) that Jhanvi is living with jay goes to jay’s place and kills Jhanvi cruelly. Jay in turn kills Munna. Guravaiah plays foul here joining hands with Kulkarni and creates gap between Jay and Bhagwan. Since Jay knows that a fight between him and Bhagwan will end in Bhagwan’s death and he cannot kill Bhagwan because of the gratitude he has on Bhagwan, he moves away from Kolkata to Palasa, Sandhya’s place to be with her and gain her love But his past haunts him and he is dragged back to the blood filled streets of Kolkata where he had to face Bhagwan to save his love Sandhya.

What is good-?
Pawan Kalyan- Power star has excelled in his role as Jay. His emotions are just perfect and he plays perfectly to the role. He brings energy even with his subdued performance. He was fantastic in the love scenes and also too good in action sequences. His eyes emote very well and he carried the film on his shoulders. He gets 10/10 for his performance.
Adivi Shesh- Adivi Shesh delivered fantastic performance as the psycho Munna. He knew what was doing and did very well in his scenes. It will be an understatement if I say that he dominated Pawan Kalyan in some situations but that was needed and Power Star allowed him to do so.
DOP P.S. Vinod- DOP Vinod needs to be appreciated for his work. His lighting and angles are just perfect and he added to the beauty of the film.
Tanikella Bharani- Tanikella Bharani did very well as Guruvaiah who double crosses Jay and Bhagwan and leads to the turning point of the film. He has taken over as the cunning villain in the second half and dominated Jackie shroff and Atul Kulkarni as the schemer.
Heroines- Anjali Lavania is good as Jhanvi and she could show that oomph on the screen in the first song. She has a brief character and she is adequate. Sarah Jane Dias didn’t suit the character of Sandhya and she is the liability of the film.
Other Artists:
Other Artists like Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Subbaraju, Jhansi got decent roles and they did well within their limits. The actor who played Sampath,brother of Kulkarni did well. Jackie Shroff delivered decent performance in first half but fell flat in second half. Atul Kulkarni is wasted. Brahmanandam’s character and performance is below par as paparayudu.

Panjaa Movie Review

Panjaa Movie Review

What didn’t work-?
Expectations make or break any film. In this case I felt the expectations that the producers have set before the release failed the film. From the second promo onwards they tried to project that the film has comedy, romance and music has a good role to play. Producers went on record to say that Brahmanandam part is too good. Film in its first half runs seriously and don’t have much comedy and hence disappoints the audience who expected comedy going by words of producers. The film has just 2 songs in full and rest of the songs is bit songs. Honestly music doesn’t have great role in the film except for some good BGMs. Brahmanandam scenes doesn’t bring smiles except for Paparayudu song and hence disappointment.
Though Director did well in designing the film stylishly, he has erred in designing the character of Jay. He went badly in designing the main protagonist who is brave but also intelligent. By showing him with Guns and machines in trailers, they have set too many expectations on Jay, the gangster. In reality except for the climax, Jay tries to work more with his brains. Let’s look at the first action sequence where Jay makes the gelatin sticks blast below villain’s jeep rather than Bhagwan’s vehicle. You see a truck moving behind and suddenly stop behind the villain and Jay walks out of that. We don’t understand the logic of that truck and how the explosives came under villain’s jeep. Once he meets sandhya, Jay’s character is diluted and in one situation heroine tells him that he either spends his time in nursery or with her and how can he be busy? This is where the director has erred. The second half is a letdown where Hero moves to palasa and practically doesn’t do anything except killing one sambasivudu. Even this so called evil guy isn’t very dangerous and surrenders meekly. Then comes the climax fight which isn’t designed well and the end is very pale where Bhagwan’s men give way to him and the movie ends with Jay killing Bhagwan.

Other Technicians:
Though songs don’t have a great role to play, few songs elaa elaa and paparayudu worked. The first song is picturized well. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi, Action by Sham kaushal, and Editing by Srikar Prasad and Costumes by Anu Vardhan were decent. Vishnuvardhan could have taken more care at script level though taking is good.

Final Verdict:
Panjaa is not a bad film and also not good. The screenplay goes very bland without too many conflict points and is pretty predictable. In gangster movies, when the screenplay goes on straight line, the director needs to incorporate few scenes, preferably action sequences that are hair raising and that is lacking here. Second half doesn’t have emotional connect and slows down the proceedings. Overall the movie can be watched for the camera work, Pawan and shesh’s action and stylish design.

If you ask me what would I rate it out of 5, I would rate 3.

Written by
Brahma Mahesh (TheOnlyBrahma on twitter)

Panjaa Movie Review

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