PANJAA Music Review

PANJAA Music Review

PANJAA Movie Music Review

I started noticing this film when they launched the logo and then first look. It looked very trendy but I wasn’t sure if this is going to be commercially viable movie. As if they read my voice, Producers started promoting it in right way to create right impressions. The audio is out and is just eager like any other fan to listen and see if songs met my expectations. Let us see how it fares.

Panjaa (Title Track):
Singer:  Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricist: Ramajogaiah Sastry

The song starts with the trendy signature BGM we have heard in the trailers.  As it says, the song is the title track is written to elevate the hero and his role. The song is good to listen and sung well. Such songs needs great music and Yuvan delivered the same.  I found a bit of inconsistency in lyrics when sastry used panjaa for Noun and verbs- like Aakasham nee panja, aavesham nee panjaa. Since the real meaning and the relevance of words may not be very importance here and the song sounds well, we can ignore the same. This can be said as the top song of the album.

Kshanam Kshanam:
Singer: Shweta Pandit
Lyrics: Chandrabose

This is a bit song which is written to express love, solidarity and support to the protagonist. Singer and Lyricist did good job.

Singer:  Belly Raj, Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Chandrabose

This is a duet that has feel of love. This song is faster than Elaa Elaa and has given lot of importance to the melody. Priya Himesh has done a very good job in keeping the pace of the song alive.  Chandrabose did a very good job in writing this song. New words like Ullasame udhyogangaa.are good to hear. Music is sublime and gives enough space for words. Though the tune resembles one of yuvan’s recent song, the comparison ends with pallavi.

Veyyiraa Cheyyiveyyaraa:
Singer: Saloni
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry

This song is supposedly the item song of the album. The music is foot tapping in the song and the tune just moves at a uniform pace without too much ups and down. Saloni did decent job but couldn’t make her voice add spice to the song. In fac t her voice has swallowed few of the words. Overall this song leaves us with an impression that this isn’t a great item song. We should watch it on the screen and judge the song.

Ela  Ela
Singer: Haricharan, shweta pandit
Lyrics: Chandrabose

This is a love song with beautiful lyrics written by Chandrabose.  Music is sublime and gives lot of scope for us to listen to words and relish the same. Haricharan as usual did a very good job to elevate the feel of love and Shweta Pandit sung the song.  If this song is done well on screen, it could as well end as a winner.

Singer:  Pawan Kalyan, Brahmanandam, Hemachandra, sathyam
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah sastry

The song is done in rural environment and a mix of song and words. Brahmanandam and Pawan Kalyan participated in the song and the song is very hilarious. Infact by listening this song we can easily understand that the comedy factor in the movie is not compromised and Pawan, Brahmi sure is going to rock with their chemistry.  The song is sure to have fast beat teenmaar steps to entertain the masses and we should wait to see how the screen will be put on fire. And don’t ask me- Tharvata . I will say… Tharvaathenti Kottu.

Analysis: The album has two duets, one item song, one comedy, one introduction song and a bit song. Overall, its love that dominates the album and has couple of songs that grows on you as you hear them. Most songs look situational and will depend on the story and picturization of songs.  Since producers have kept a safe one month between audio release and movie release, the songs can pick up with promotion of the film and can add as an asset. Yuvan deserves a special mention for giving melodious numbers and also keeping pace with requirement of Power Star. Chandrabose did decent job with his songs but I felt he could have done even better. Sastry has left lot desirable with his work.

The album so far is a good starter for me and pick up in coming days and end as a winner.

Reviewed by: Brahma Mahesh (TheOnlyBrahma on twitter)

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