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Pandurangadu – Director Raghavender Rao’s triple puranic hit

Director Raghaveder Rao’s triple puranic hitThe cast and crewBala Krishna, Mohan Babu, Tabu, Sneha, Suhasini, Archana, Viswanath, Balayya, LB Sreeram, Dharmavarapu, Sunil, Ali, Brahmanandam, Meghana Naidu, Anant, Y Vijaya
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The Film
This is a tale from the puranic lore. Like all tales from the bygone era, Pandurangadu
has a moral to preach.
But then, the Tollywood summer had been disappointing. Jalsa, Parugu, Kantri and Bujjigadu were films with great credits in the cast and crew. Still the essence of pure entertainment was missing. When the present is disquieting, the secure past is always heartwarming. Pandurangadu is truly entertaining from the point of grandma’s point of perception.

The Story
Pundaripuram Pundareeka Ranganath, a lively human being, is bent upon following the other side of Lord Sri Krishna…that of romancing with countless gopikas. His parents think of getting their son married, so that his romantic escapades can come to an end. Not in a mood to be tied down to a single female, the hero runs away from home and naturally returns after a comfortable interval. Well, habits die hard. He promptly falls into the arms of Amrutha.
Every story has to have a twist. Another lady, Laxmi, a shuddha bharathiya nari, devoted to sanathana dharma. Lord Sri Krishna encounters her in a dream and orders her to go and marry our Casanova, who expectedly plays truant.
Any puranic conflict has to have a divine reconciliation. The Gods themselves along with their cohorts descend on earth to perform the marriage of Pundareeka with Laxmi and naturally reform the prodigal hero.

The performance
This is a film where the character of hero is dignified and yet has a jarring note of out of the normal way of having illicit relationships. This is a character in conflict with himself and, perhaps, in conflict with the ambience around. The role demands roguishness without being a rogue. In this demanding role Balakrishna excels, naturally aided by the presentation skills of the helmer.
This being a totally hero-oriented film, the lady characters in the flick have only a fleeting and flickering presence. Sneha and Tabu dominate a host of female cast.
K Viswanath, Sivaparvathi, Y Vijaya and Sunil performed well within the parameters of the requirements of their respective characters. LB Sriram is the latest edition to the ever growing artistes donning the role of the ever appeasing Narada.
All and sundry enacting the minor roles have been adequate in what is expected of them.

The Techniques
It is a well-known fact that film is a medium of the director, who is also appreciatively designated as helmer and auter. Pandurangadu is an out and out creation of veteran Director K Raghavender Rao. His handling of the difficult character of the protagonist of the film is extraordinary. The screenplay and dialogues are adequate, nothing exemplary. Cinematography and editing are up to the present day slick levels.
Of course, there are some loose ends in the construction of the story line and whoever can take luxurious liberties with fiction than the narrator himself ? For any mythological movie, the music is essential. In this film, the music compositions are in total sync with the narration style and picturised with the surrealistic trademark of director K Raghavender Rao. The art director and choreographers have done a very pleasant work.
After Annamayya and Sri Ramdas, director Raghavender Rao proves once again that he is truly the master of the mythological genre of cinema.

The verdict
An eminently watchable film, where, a very well-known story has been framed together, sensitively merging the sensuous Shrungara rasa with the sensible Bhakthi rasa.
The Rating
3 stars out of 5

Deen Kumar

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