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Pakistani Burka Coming to India

Pakistani Burka Coming to India

Normally many Bollywood films capture the imagination of Pakistani filmmakers. But this time a Pakistani Burka is all set to come to India. Buzz is an Indian Production house approached the makers of Burka Avenger, a Pakistani super heroine animated series for the rights.

Creator of Burka Avenger Aaron Haroon Rashid confirming the news says “I have been approached by a few Indian film companies enquiring about the live action feature film rights to ‘Burka Avenger’.” . The film is about a Pakistani teacher, named Jiya, who takes the disguise of a woman clad in a burqa, to avenge the wrong done by men.

Haroon says “The idea of Burka Avenger was that the main protagonist, a teacher, fights to prevent a girls’ school from shutting down, which incidentally was taken from a real-life incident in Pakistan. After I created the character, I realised that a full length movie might be too large an undertaking, so we made the game version of Burka Avenger in 2011. Later, we made an animated TV show which was completed in June 2012,”

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