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Oye! Shamili is okay!!

Oye! Shamili is okay!!

Oye! Shamili is okay!!

The debut film of Shamili as heroine ‘Oye!’ hit the screens today. The film opened to houseful crowds and the credit goes to the hero Siddhartha and the new heroine Shamili.

Shamili must be appreciated for agreeing to play a very deglamourized role in her very first film as heroine. It is indeed a very bold and courageous decision. She plays a homely character in the film.

The audience reacted quite positively to the looks of Shamili. A little more glamour would definitely add to her popularity. Shamili may go bold and glamorous in her second film. The only negative comment about her was that she looked a little plump in comparison to heroines like Genelia, Trisha and Ileana.

Hope Shamili will look into this and shed some weight for her next film.

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