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Orkut deletes Chiranjeevi fans group

Orkut deletes Chiranjeevi fan groupsOrkut is a world-wide social interactive website with millions of netizens as members. Orkut is an online community designed to make social life more active and stimulating. helps maintain existing relationships with pictures and messages, and establish new ones by reaching out to people one never met before.

Chiranjeevi, the Tollywood megastar has a great fan following and around 52,000 fans are part of a group on Orkut. They had been a very active interactive community on Orkut.
Yesterday, the entire 52,000 Chranjeevi fans group has been suddenly deleted from Orkut. No one knows whether Orkut took a unilateral decision to delete the Mega fans group from its site or whether it is the work of some hacker.
Hundreds of requests are pouring into Orkut helpline to re-open the mega fan group on the popular interactive web forum.

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