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Orange Movie Review

Orange Movie Review


Ram Charan tej has finally arrived with his latest flick ‘Orange’, One of the most awaited movie of the recent times. Expectations were running high on this movie. Lets see how far has the movie been successful in entertaining the audience.

Ram (Ram Charan Tej) lives with his sister and brother in law in Australia and happens to a person with off beat tastes like graffiti, wildlife photography…etc. His idea of love is that it is ‘Short lived’. He feels that the longer the couple is together in love the lesser is the truth in their relation.

Jaanu (Genelia) is a young college going student hell bent on having a good love life. She wants someone who could love her for whole life.

Orange Movie Review

Rest of the characters filled the screen space and did their bit.

The core of the story is how two people with different ideology meet and try to be in love.


Ram Charan Tej: Is ok as a lover boy and as usual was good with dance moves. However the etching of the character was confusing and lacked the depth because of which it could not connect to the audience.

Genelia: Must admit one of the bad roles she probably did in recent time. The introduction scenes where most of the

Orange Movie Review

heroines score marks genelia miserably failed and the person to be accused of it is again Bhaskar. She was loud, Tried trendy dresses but where not pleasing and topping it all the make up was patchy and you could just feel in every alternate shot that she is now 30.

Shahzahn: Rocket Singh fame heroine is the new import from bollywood. She has meaningful character and is like a fresh breather in the movie. Her looks are really good and is definitely a leading lady material

Brahmi: Ok as a side kick to heroine but wasn’t up to mark. He managed to evoke few laughs but definitely not a saving grace.

Orange Movie Review

Rest: Nagababu did his part well; Vennala Kishore is definitely a good actor but wasted yet again. Rest did there part. There were a special appearances by Madurima, Manjula(Mahesh Babu’s sister) and Sanjay Kapoor (Brother in law of Mahesh) Madurima was good on screen.


The movie never managed to go beyond a point and connect to audience. The etching of the characters was not up to the mark and the emotional quotient that was seen in Bomarillu and to some extent in Parugu was missing here. Any successful movie with love story, banks largely on comedy, feel good

Orange Movie Review

moments and emotional attachment between the characters which unfortunately was missing in this movie.

First 30 mins of the movie is too loud, confusing and seems to be in a rush. There after the movie picks up a bit and get a little better towards interval. However second half is let down. Songs and dances are good however nothing new all the songs looked pretty much the same because of the same locales and same genre.

Rating: 2.75/5

Review by Vishnu Vardhan Gutta ([email protected])

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