Oosaravelli Movie Review

Oosaravelli Movie Review

Oosaravelli(Chameleon) changes colors to blend in with surroundings and social signaling. Oosaravelli, character played by Jr. NTR changes colors to keep promises.


Tony (Jr. NTR) is a typical guy; it is hard for anybody to understand the way he behaves and talks. He is being described as confusing character, if one tries to get clarity.
Militants in Kashmir capture a group of tourists and demands release of their leader. Tony (Jr.NTR) and Niharika(Tamanna) are part of tourist group. Tony saves Niharika from militant gang upon fulfilling his last wish. Tony falls in love with Niharika and follows her. Determined Tony never gives up though Niharika already gets engaged to Rakesh. Rest of the execution shows you how Tony impresses Niharika and gets his love.
In another episode Tony is on a mission of chasing mafia group headed by Aziz Bhai (Prakash Raj). During this mission he kills Aziz Bhai’s brother and Rakesh too. Reason behind Tony (jr. NTR) chasing mafia group forms the actual plot.

On screen you find one and only determined, dedicated Jr. NTR. Till now we have never seen Jr. NTR in such a character where he satires on him and delivers action episodes with no aggressive lengthy dialogues. He imitated scenes of his earlier movies with lots of humor. Character Niharika played by Tamanna is the best and challenging role till now she played either in Tollywood or Kollywood and she enacted it very well. Tammanna’s role forms the actual plot of for the movie. Actor Shyam (Kick fame) did a cameo. Jaya Prakash Reddy as Sarkar and Raghu babu as Shiva entertains. Oosaravelli scores on comedy too, though Brahmanandam is not part of it. All other characters did justice to their roles.

It is more than one year since Surender Reddy’s last directorial venture Kick got released and ruled box-office. His Oosaravelli too have ingredients to rule box-office. Oosaravelli is an out and out director’s movie. Surender Reddy has taken much care in the treatment so that tempo through out the plot continues in the same pace. Story by Vamsi is apt for Jr. NTR. Dialogues by Shiva are to be mentioned. Devi Sri Prasad scores again in songs and re-recording. Rasool Ellore’s Camera is an asset.

Jr. NTR looks confident and determined through out the movie and Oosaravelli relaxes him. First hour of the movie filled with lots of humor and tactics played by protagonist with other supporting characters and the second hour turns it down with sentimental episodes. Overall Oosaravelli entertains you and you can get feel of colors it changes frame by frame.

Review by: Chetanz (chetan.g@gmail.com)
Rating: 3.5/5

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19 Responses to “Oosaravelli Movie Review”

  1. raju says:

    i am so experting that movie as disappointing
    jai ntr jai telugudesam

  2. mahesh says:

    super hit. both mahesh and ntr movies r hit

  3. arun says:

    waste movie…:(
    assalu baledu..comedy ledu,dialauges levu,romance ledu,logic assalu ledu..:(

  4. harsha says:

    waste shakti2

  5. apparao says:


  6. venky says:

    arun bhayya nuvvu braitke unnava…….. aanni movie lo unchukuni emi levu antey..nuvvu unnavo levo ani dbt vachindhi…..

  7. chidve says:

    there is np comments of this movie

  8. krish says:

    supar hit

  9. Reena says:

    Even after reading review &all comments also I went to see the movie then I realized the mistake. The movie is so bad, there is no good story. It the worst movie I have never seen.

  10. ram says:

    Waste of money not at all entertaining

  11. sagar says:

    Jaffa Movie ra Jaffa’s……

  12. Prashanth Reddy says:

    I thought of going for movie.after seeing these reviews,decided not to go.

  13. Nag.Rb says:


  14. kishore says:

    fantastic movie in NTR carrier, it had already created records in nizam n US.

  15. siva says:

    baboy….ntr ante bhayam vetondi…….ooka bastala tayarayi…..current teega kooda naala sannaga vuntadi ani bhale cheppadandi

  16. mahesh says:

    thammana charecter is highlight in the movie. good movie

  17. oosaravelli rockzzz kaththarnaak movie pakka3000 days dookudu pikudu khaaaayam

  18. great movie nic action by both tammanna and young tiger roaring lik nything pakka mvie300 days

  19. ashok says:

    BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER up2 now in records z oosaravelli over all very good movie