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One more case filed against producer C Kalyan

One more case filed against producer C Kalyan

Bhanu Kiran the prime suspect in Maddelacheruvu Suri links with producer C Kalyan is probed by the Police.

Bhanu registered several properties in the name of C Kalyan. Police is inquiring about this. A person by name Ashraf filed a case against C Kalyan alleging that the producer took Rs 90 lakh from him promising film distribution rights.

The complainant was neither got distribution rights nor his money back. He complained that C Kalyan threatened when he asked to return his money.

CCS police is also inquiring about Singanamala Ramesh Babu’s financial dealings. As per police inquiry, Ramesh took money from a particular social group of people in Kadapa, Proddutur, Kurnool and Tirupati. Over 43 cheque bounce cases filed against Ramesh Babu from these three districts. Ramesh requested to transfer all these cases to High Court.

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