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Onamalu Movie Review

Onamalu Movie Review

The Film
Onamalu is an unconventional film that focuses on basic human relationships in a rural society and the changing value system.

The Synopsis
Narayana Rao (Rajendra Prasad), a former school teacher, lives in New York with his son and his family. He is restless and returns to India and his village even without informing his son.

He sees that the village is totally transformed with people becoming greedy and selfish. He also observes how the symbols of modernity has caused a breach in the harmonious human relations in the village. Then he sets about trying to reform the village folk.

The Performances
Rajendra Prasad is truly brilliant in this role. Chalapati Rao, Giri Babu, Siva Parvati, Raghu Babu and Kalyani essay their roles well. All others suit the roles they play.

The Techniques
Kranti Madhav comes out with a story that is a reflection on the rural social networking. The incidents and episodes tend to be preachy, but then there will be some changes that are inevitable. Dialogues are meaningful. Music is good. Cinematography captures the beautiful rural landscape.

The Verdict
Onamalu is a cinematic plea for everyone to go back to their roots and rebuild the harmonious human relations in the society in which one lives. You will like the film if you are an offbeat film buff.

The Cast and Crew
Rajendra Prasad, Chalapathi Rao, Giri Babu, Siva Parvati, Raghu Babu, Kalyani and others

Dialogues: Khadir Babu
Music Director: Koti
Cinematography : Hari Anumolu
Producer & Director : Kranti Madhav

The Rating
3 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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