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OM 3D Movie Review

OM 3D Movie Review

Kalyan Ram for quite sometime has been longing to deliver a hit on the lines of Atanokkade but till now failed in his attempts.This time after a long break he is coming with India’s first ever action entertainer in 3D. Let us see the viewers verdit on Kalyan Ram’s OM


Arjun(Kalyan Ram) loves his dad Harishchandra Prasad (Kartik) and saves him from trouble. Bhavani Shankar (Sampath Raj) and Union Minister Baireddy (Rao Ramesh) try to eliminate Arjun’s dad due to personal rivalry. At one time however misfortune strikes and Arjun loses his dad. How Arjun exacts revenge forms OM.


Kalyan Ram did these kind of roles earlier. One wonder why Kalyan Ram is selecting similar revenge stories again and again. He should have concentrated on his diction. Kalyan Ram failed in it. However he should be appreciated for his bold attempt to shave his head.Kriti Karbanda, Nikesha Patel wasted to make use of the performance oriented roles. Kartik tested patience with his english dialogues and over action. Suresh too did the same while Sampath Raj who shot to fame in Mirchi was wasted. Rao Ramesh too overdid himself. Many feel that all of them tried to catch attention wit 3D effects.


Background music is good. Cinematography is good.3D effects are outstanding.If one is not bothered about the story then they can enjoy 3D vfx. Kalyan Ram invested a lot in the project. Director Sunil Reddy concentrated more on shot making rather than story and screenplay. Except for two twists there is nothing in the story. These kind of stories require commercial elements with surprising twists. However director with directionless direction failed in his motive.


3D effects







Plans to give 3D treat to movie lovers is good but taking each and every film in 3D is not right. If one selects the right story suitable for 3D then the purpose would be served. Otherwise it will bite the dust as seen earlier with Action 3D.This revenge based story do not require 3D. If not taken in 3D there is not one reason to watch the film. Filmmakers stufffed the film with numerous stunt scenes. Twists are good but director failed to make used of it properly. Director tested viewers patience with his screenplay.

viewers Verdict

OM reached its DOOM!

The Rating

2.5 out of 5

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