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Okkadine Movie Review

Okkadine Movie Review

How many films have come in Tollywood in which villain wears the mask of good man to achieve his ulterior motives. Recently Prakash Raj donned similar role in Ongole Gitta and in this Sai Kumar reprised the character. But still film makers think that the moment they come with that idea during script writing, they think it is unique. Script writer and dialogue writer Chintapalli Ramana must have thought the same along with director Srinivas Raga. Had director used their creativity it could have hit success bulls eye.

Director started off quite well with family sentiments and even ended on high note with interval bang when many felt the story is drifting no where. However some felt that the family sentiment turned out monotonous having watched in many films. Slow pace and narration did not evoke the interest of movie lovers. The second half turned out predictable with hero seeking revenge unmasking the mask of kindness of villain.

Nitya Menon as Shailaja, who returns from foreign to meet her business rich dad Sivaji Rao(Sai Kumar), aspiring politician did well. She looked beautiful and emoted well in the scenes showcasing dad-daughter relationship. Nara Rohit as Surya a IFS trainee who lost his family members tried his best to entertain all with dances,stunts and action. However Rohit should improve his acting. Others like Nagababu, Kota Srinivasa Rao,Brahmanandam,MS.Narayana and others played their part.

The film lacked comedy and even romantic track is not appealing except for seethakoka chiluka song. Music by Kartik is average and Background score is ok. Editing should have been better. Cinematography is just average. Director may have been under the impression that he got a perfect script but his inexperience in screenplay and direction undid the film. After keeping the suspense part till the interval though it was dragging a bit, with in seconds he narrated everything with no reason to do so. Many were left wondering what was wrong with the director.
Okkadine left in lurch by director himself.

Directed by : Srinivas Raga
Produced by : CV Reddy
Written by : Chintapalli Ramana
Starring : Nara Rohit , Nithya Menon
Music by : Karthik

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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