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Oka Romantic Crime Katha Movie Review

Oka Romantic Crime Katha Movie Review

The Film
Oka Romantic Crime Katha is a vain and amateurish attempt by Suneel Kumar Reddy to showcase the waywardness and sexual aberrations of the adolescent youth.

The Synopsis

The film tells the stories of three girls who are close friends and pursuing their studies.

Tanmayi (Gayatri) is studying 10th class. Sanjay (Manoj) falls for her and resorts to crime like chain snatching to buy a bike, clothes and so on to impress her. They both fall in love and also fall together into the seedy world of crime. They start murdering people to get rich.

Anjali (Divya) is an intermediate student and she is indiscreet in her relationships. She gets intimate with anyone who is nice to her. Suddenly, she finds herself pregnant but because of her multiple intimacies, she can’t clearly pinpoint who impregnated her.

Veena (Swapna) is an engineering student and she falls in love with Kiran (Anil) who is spurious character. They do get close and intimate. Kiran secretly shoots their bare love acts and starts blackmailing her.

Since the story does not have a proper beginning, it doesn’t even have a proper ending.

The Performances
Not backed by properly etched roles, the performances of all the five actors playing the main characters fall flat. They are totally at a loss in their roles. The less said about the others the better.

The Techniques
Suneel Kumar Reddy , who earlier made films like Sonthuru and Ganga Putrulu, has now taken up a theme which is more than he can chew. There is no rationale in the characterisation or in the events involving the principal characters. There is a sneaking suspicion that he is inspired by Dibakar Banarjee’s Love, Sex Aur Dhoka to make this film, but he made a hash of it. He doesn’t have the screenplay technique to handle films of this genre. Technically, it is very poorly made.

The Vedict
Oka Romantic Crime Katha or Moodu Romantic Crime Kathalu is such a waste of time and resources.

The Cast and Crew

Gayatri, Divya, Sapna, Manoj, Anil Kalyan
Music Director: Praveen Immadi
Producer: Y Ravindrababu
Director: Sunil Kumar Reddy

The Rating
2 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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