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Oh My Friend Movie Review

Oh My Friend Movie Review

Oh My Friend is a superlative celluloid exposition of the sublime quality of friendship that transcends the boundaries of selfish possessiveness and exalted to the realms of selfless togetherness, where blithe spirits blissfully co-exist in non-dependent, but dependable companionship, which is possible only for those with pure hearts and minds and definitely not for the mortals who tread the quid pro quo protocol.

Debutant director Venu Sriram unravels an intricate but interesting proposition of a boy and girl being very good friends, untouched by the lust of mutual exploitation, and a cool understanding of the delicate yet distinct difference between falling in love and the fellowship of friendship.

The Synopsis

Chandu (Siddharth) and Siri (Shruthi Hasan) are childhood friends and remain as close friends even in the prime of their youth. The love that bonds their friendship is almost platonic in its manifestation. While Siri falls in love with NRI Uday (Navdeep) through web-chatting and decides to marry him, Chandu is in love with college classmate Ritu (Hansika).

The chumminess of ‘Faltoos’ Chandu and ‘Killer’ Siri is so spontaneous and without scruples, both Uday and Ritu misunderstand the friendly relationship of Chandu and Siri.

Uday breaks his engagement with Siri because of her closeness to Chandu and Ritu distances herself because of the chandu’s intimacy with Siri.

Chandu’s father (Tanikella Bharani) says that the entire world thinks that Chandu and Siri are great lovers and so it is better for them to get married. He is supported by Siri’s mother.

Will Chandu marry Siri? What will happen to Uday and Ritu? Answers to these questions lead to an exceptionally beautiful climax that ensures clarity of human relations and the individual perception of those relationships.

The Performances

Oh My Friend Movie Review

Siddharth is truly at his best and enacts his role with consummate ease and emotes with restraint but with a strong emphasis of facial expressions and body language. Shruthi at last gets a meaty role and splendidly carries herself. Hansika does justice to her role. Navdeep is very convincing. Tanikella Bharani is his usual self. Ali’s clarity is rib-tickling. All others have done extremely well in their author-backed roles.

The Techniques

Director Venu Sriram takes up a delicate subject, treats it with credible episodes, embellishes it with meaningful dialogues and has a screenplay that sustains the audience interest throughout. Music by Rahul Raj is pleasing to the ears and helps to create the right moods. Mani Sarma’s background music enhances the narration value. Chakravarthy’s cinematography is breathtaking. Marthand’s editing is efficient. Production values are high.

The Verdict

Oh My Friend is not a feel-good movie; It is simply feel-the-very-best film. A boy-girl relationship as friends has been superbly handled with finesse, grace, dignity and poise.

Oh My Friend is must-see and get enthralled cinematic experience.

The Cast and Crew
Siddharth, Shruthi Hasan, Navdeep, Hansika, Tanikella Bharani, Ali and others
Director: Venu Sriram
Producer: Dil Raju
Music Director: Rahul Raj

The Rating
4 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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