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Nuvvila Movie Review

Nuvvila Movie Review

The Film

Nuvvila is a beautifully made film that tells the stories of three young men who defy their respective parents to pursue their own ambitions in life. The trials, travails and tribulations in their individual lives had been captured with a generous spread of intelligent wit and harmless humour. The poignant moments of their profligation and pathos have been judiciously obliterated by the brief but intense spells of exhilaration. The undercurrent of narration emphasizes the profundity of human relationships, particularly in situations where every thing goes wrong at the right time.

The Synopsis

The story deals with three pairs of boys and girls – Anand & Archana, , Mahesh & Madhavi, Raju & Rani (played by newcomers Avish, Ajay, Prasad Barvi, Yami Gowtam, Sarayu, Ramya).

Anand wants a break from studies as his parents insist that he become a doctor or engineer. Gajapathi Raju, suffering with a type of malapropism where he says La for the sound of Sa, wants to become a great violinist. Mahesh wants to become a model. All the three get thrown out of their respective homes and join the Pizza Hut as delivery boys.

Nuvvila Movie Review

Anand falls in love with Archana who in turn secretly loves cricketer Vishnuvardhan, Raju and Rani can’t stand each other for even a second, but end up getting married in a police station and Mahesh spurns the love of Madhavi and the latter plays a prank on him by unleashing a gay pretending to love him.

Anand finds that Archana is pregnant with Vishnu’s child, Raju and Rani apply for divorce and Mahesh is at loss to breakaway from the gay lover.

Will the three young men succeed in realizing the aims and goals they set for themselves? What happens to their relationships with their respective love interests? Answers to these questions lead to a profound and poignant climax.

The Performances

Supported by author-backed roles all the six new comers, who played the lead roles, have rendered riveting performances. Their comic timing was very much right and they emoted appropriately at the proper moments. They have ample talents. The other new comers who played the supporting roles have done well too. Ravi Babu as the inspector is his usual confident self. All others in the frames have acquitted themselves well.

The Techniques

Ravi Babu, has proved himself with his earlier films Amaravathi, Anasuya, Nachchavule and Allari. With this film he proves that he is best in the art of cinematic story telling and his efficient skills of screenplay and direction are very much evident throughout. He introduces thrilling spells of suspense in a romcom that sustains audience interest.

Nuvvila Movie Review

The three streams of stories have been seamlessly intertwined and the narration is gripping, lively and very much interesting. The dialogues add spice to the episodes and strength to the characters. Sunil’s voiceover further enhances the narration value.

Sekhar Chandra’s music is good and how wonderfully Ravi Babu uses music to upscale the flow of narration. There are no unnecessary interludes of songs in the narration, but the essence of love and affection have been superbly aligned with background score.

Sudhakar Reddy’s cinematography is splendid visually highlighting the essentials of the story in every frame. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is crisp and adds to the velocity of the flow of the film. Sound design is good. Production values complement the structure of the film.

The Verdict

Ravi Babu has come out with an intelligent urban-centric film, narrates the story with consummate ease, and has a splendid grip over the nature of narration. He redefines individual boy-girl relationships in an urban ambience. His cinematic idioms and metaphors are worthy of critical appreciation.

A boy who still loves a girl knowing that she is carrying in her womb the child impregnated by someone else, the belligerent couple fighting for divorce, reconciling by selling the antique violin and late mother’s diamond studded pendant ( inspired by O Henry’s short story The Gift of the Magi), the almost believable gay-love, treated with a pinch of salty charade, the ‘affectionate’ parental tyranny and the mature reconciliation about the nature of love – taking care of others in their hour of need – all these and more make the film Nuvvila a thoroughly enjoyable cinematic experience.

The wit, the pranks, the sitcoms, the buffoonery, the satire, the slapstick, the slick one-liners and the entire comic charade is conveniently a covert operation to euphemistically emphasise the real worth of human relationships.

Don’t miss to watch this film. Rush to your nearest theatre.

The Cast and Crew
Avish, Ajay, Prasad Barvi, Yami Gowtam, Sarayu, Ramya, Kishore, Sudhakara Raju, Priyadarshini, Bhargavi, Atulita, and others
Dialogues: Ravi Babu
Additional Screenplay: Satyanand
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
Director of Photography: Sudhakar Reddy
Banner: Usha Kiran Movies
Produced by: Ramoji Rao
Story, screenplay and directed by: Ravi Babu

The Rating
3.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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