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NTR’s next movie to double Zandu Balm sales?

NTR's next movie to double Zandu Balm sales?

When Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja movie released, there were number of jokes on the movie. Mahesh Babu acted in the movie to increase the sales of Amrutanjan was one such joke. Just before the release of Khaleja Mahesh Babu had signed Amrutanjan ad.
Now, NTR had signed Zandu Balm and his next release will be Shakti, the big budget movie directed by Meher Ramesh is one such joke. If NTR’s movie is not okay audience can use Zandu Balm. NTR can use Zandu Balm on his thigh after slapping it.Zandu Balm can be given as a free gift along with tickets to NTR’s movie. NTR can utter a dialogue like: ‘My grandfather had used this and I am also using’, are some of the jokes doing rounds

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