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NTR Jr and VV Vinayak film delayed

NTR Jr and VV Vinayak film delayed A while ago, an announcement was made that VV Vinayak, who made the successful film Adhi with NTR Jr, will make another film with the actor and the shooting had been scheduled to start in July 2008.

According to Tollywood sources, this project is now hanging in limbo. The reason is said to be that the story of the film is on weak foundations. NTR Jr is reported to be upset with the poor showing of Kanthri and the criticism that the film has only good intent, but lacks any content.

And so the hero asked Vinayak to make changes in the script. Even after revising the script with the assistance of Dasarath, the actor is dissatisfied. Now, a team of story writers are said to be working on creating a new story, which will have both good intent and content.

It looks like that some common sense has finally made its presence in Tollywood. They are at least looking for stories to tell rather than putting together three fights and six songs and calling it a film.

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