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NTR is Upset with Bellamkonda Suresh

NTR is Upset with Bellamkonda Suresh

NTR Jr’s latest film Rabhasa is just a few days away from hitting the screen. NTR and his fans have high expectations with this film as the star is in desperate need of a hit. He needs to shut the mouths of his critics with this film as many of them are criticizing his work in the past films. NTR hasn’t scored a hit to his name for many years.
NTR fans are expecting that Rabhasa will be the film that will take NTR to the top. But the film’s promotions are disappointing. Producer Bellamkonda Suresh is not promoting this film as interestingly as his did Alludu Seenu. A star like NTR doesn’t need huge promotions but Rabhasa’s promotions are below average for any film.
Rumors in film nagar say that NTR is very upset with the approach of Bellakonda Suresh for marketing Rabhasa. Some of NTR’s fans have expressed their displeasure with NTR about promotions of Rabhasa. Few have even complained about the bad theatres which the film has been given. We don’t know the level of displeasure of NTR with Bellamkonda Suresh but one thing is for sure that Bellamkonda must learn to deal with all the stars equally. His only attention toward making his son a star might affect his market value in the industry.

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