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Now BJP Woos Katrina Kaif

Now BJP Woos Katrina Kaif

Many might have rubbished Katrina’s ‘half-Indian’ remarks on Rahul Gandhi, but BJP has a thing for her!

Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif‘s brazen take on Rahul Gandhi’s nationality has won her favours from unexpected quarters. Now the Bharatiya Janatha Party is so enthused by the Kat’s comment that they want her to campaign for them in the BMC and Uttar Pradesh elections.

Mumbai city Chief of BJP, Raj K Purohit said that the party would try its best to get Kat for drumming up support in the campaign preceding the impending elections. “We welcome her and will try to get her to be part of our rallies and meetings. What she said is not wrong. Instead, she is the first person to say this in public. We fully support her,” said Purohit.

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