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Nokia stops screening of Mr Nookayya at Mutliplexes

Nokia stops screening of Mr Nookayya at Mutliplexes

Nokia Corporation & Nokia India Pvt. Ltd. had filed a suit for permanent injunction at the Delhi High Court against the use of its registered trademark (in this case, Manchu Manoj’s film title Nokia) and recovery of damages to the tune of Rs 20 lakhs against the producers of the film Mr Nokia. An order passed on February 6, 2012 by the Delhi High Court restrained advertising of any sort of the film and the use of another title identical or deceptively similar (phonetically, structurally or visually) to “Nokia”.

After Mr. Nokia released with the title Mr Nookayya, the company approached the Delhi High Court again, which passed the order on March 7, a day before release, to stop the screening of the film.

Hyderabad city multiplexes received copies of the Court notice and duly stopped the screening of the film.

Manchu Manoj reacted by stating, “I didn’t know that a company called Nokia exists. We use Blackberrys, Samsungs, iPhones. Nookayya is the name of a god.”

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