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No cuss words for Arjun Rampal in Dhulia’s film

No cuss words for Arjun Rampal in Dhulia’s film

Arjun Rampal is playing the protagonist in the film Jai Ramji. But the film has nothing to do with Lord Rama or even religion. Jai Ramji is just a phrase for wishing friends. But the film is set in remote rural area of eastern Uttar Pradesh and deals with mafia, corrupt cops and criminalized politics. It is a realistic genre of film which is being directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia.

The director says that it has become a fashion for film makers making realistic films to use foul language, expletive, cuss words and abusive words stating that they are in everyday use. He cites the examples of Ishqiya, Delhi Belly, Raajneeti and such other films.

Dhulia says that his film has clean dialogues. Though his film is a realistic drama, he consciously avoided all cuss words and vulgar dialogues. The hero of the film Rampal will deliver dialogues in respectful language but the emotional content has not been diluted.

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