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Nithya, Priya and Shraddha Das are all journalists!

Nithya, Priya and Shraddha Das are all journalists!

Actresses Nithya Menon, Priya Anand andĀ Shraddha Das are all academically qualified journalists but chose to adorn the silver screen.

Nithya Menen, is a graduate in journalism and was seen in films Ala Modalaindi and 180. She says that she was about to join the Film Institute at Pune when the film Ala Modalaindi happened. She was happy that her talent has been recognized. She played a photo journalist in 180.

Priya Anand, a Communication and Journalism graduate from the University of Albany, played a journalist in her debut film Leader directed by Sekhar Kammula. She says, “I think journalism, films and all other media go hand-in-hand. I always wanted to get into films and I studied journalism to get to know the technical aspects of production. I also worked as an assistant director for a TV channel.”

Actress Shraddha Das, whose last film was Nagavalli, holds a degree in Mass Media and Journalism. Shraddha feels that her education stands her in good stead in a tinsel world where actresses have a short shelf life. “Journalism is my Plan B. I took up the course after I had joined films as I was interested in it and it is a related field. In the glam world, nothing lasts forever and after my marriage I do not want to do films. I’d love to be an anchor or a news reader.”

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