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NH10 Sequel is in Plan

NH10 Sequel is in Plan

The Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is planning for her first production film NH10’s sequel with maker of team.

Filmmaker of NH10 Navdeep Singh is planning for the sequel, the film have done a great success in box-office and the film manage to make place in audience by the power pack performance made by Anushka Sharma which also turn as producer with the debut of her NH10.The filmmaker are planning for sequel of NH10 and all together to make another film in a bid to convert it into a franchise. It is learnt that after the overwhelmingly were able to receive positive critical reviews.

Co-produced of Madhu Mantena said to Mirror-“We’re very pleased with the response that this film has generated and are ready to take it forward. The tentative title is NH 12 and it will be the second in a series of road-films that Phantom intends to make in the next few years.”

Madhu Mantena was verified and asked, filmmaker Navdeep and Actress Anuksha about “NH12”,He said-“We’ve finalised the deal with Eros just yesterday and our yet to finalise the talent. We should have clarity in the coming months.”

The film is action and thriller there are some sentiments holding scenes also which would make audience to cry in between the movie, This journey starts from Delhi then to Haryana and finally ends in Pakistan border within Punjab it will explore the the bootlegging business prevalent in the region.
Co-produced of Madhu Mantena added- “The idea is to make a franchisee out of road films, a genre that’s under-utilised in Bollywood, but one that has a lot of potential. NH 12 will explore another dark theme.”

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