New York Film Academy’s workshop in Hyderabad

New York Film Academy’s workshop in Hyderabad

The world renowned New York Film Academy (NYFA) will conduct workshops in Hyderabad ,Delhi and Mumbai to train prospective film makers and actors. The NYFA workshops are being organized by Suniti Ghoshal and Lt Col Vijay Bhagoliwal (rtd) of Yellow Submarine Films Pvt Ltd.

The intake for the workshops would be 50 students each for the workshops on film making and acting. Suniti Ghoshal, a former student of NYFA, hit upon the idea of inviting the Academy to India as there are a number of youngsters aspiring for a career in films and there are not many avenues for them to learn the basics.

Students will get hands-on experience in the role of a director and also that of gaffer, editor, production assistant and so on. Each student is expected to come up with three films thus ensuring that each group produces 12 films, giving each student the exposure to that many films.

The NYFA has so far conducted these workshops across 16 cities in nine countries including, the US, UK, Italy, France, Nigeria, South Korea and China.

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