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New Role for the Legend

New Role for the Legend

We may see the LegendĀ Balakrishna, in one of these roles, as a Health Minister, Education Minister, Panchayatraj, or Tourism Minister.
Balayya has already proven and changed the fate of Basava Tarakam Cancer Institute, as a Chairman. He has successfully sourced donations from all over the world through his travel and efforts.
His Minister position with respect to health ministry is almost confirmed seems like he is waiting for the official announcement. Since the TDP programme consists of a scheme called ‘NTR Arogya Sri’ specially focused at the poor, Balayya will be more than happy to be the head of the nodal ministry for this scheme.
Winning as MLA from Hindupur, Balayya stated he would be working on the goals of his father founded political party TDP
He added, education and health are the most important aspects for poor and middle class people and hence he would like to serve the society through TDP and his position

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