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New Home for Megastar

New Home for Megastar

Megastar have find new home far away from India. amitabh bachchan is very much impressed by the Hospitality of Egyptian people have made special place in Big B is mind, heart and soul, the star is really very much impressed by them.

Megastar posted on srbachchan.tumblr.com. saying that-“I return here to Cairo, for the 4th time within a span of years, that reflect almost that of my entire career in films, and still feel as though I have come home! It is infectious, the smile and welcome of the people of this land. Their hospitality and their love of cinema that introduced me to them, is beyond compare. It’s a meeting of brothers of a family, of uniting together, of holding hands to express our admiration and love for each other…It is quite unique.”

Egypt ministry of culture and tourism had organized Indian embassy in partnership with festival being roped by 3rd time with the Cairo Opera House were as Big B got opportunity to visit Egypt county with intervention of diplomatic lines.

Megastar also added-“But now…in this visit, the welcome is enthusiastic but subdued, partially because the Indian Embassy is in charge, as they are the ones hosting the annual event ‘India by the Nile’, and a large bit of diplomatic formality has crept in, thankfully. Of course the other thing is that my film ‘Mard’ is not running in the theatres.”

Megastar was really impressed and got showered of love and care by the Egyptian people.

Last but not least Big B also end-up saying-“‘Mard’ I am told ran for 2 years here in Egypt, despite strict rulings on exhibition of foreign films, and because of its cult standing there is a large number that recognises and adulates moi.”

Buzz reported their will screened at the festival were “Amar Akbar Anthony” will be played as action/comedy film of the year 1977.

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