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New guidelines by Regional Censor Board

New guidelines by Regional Censor Board In recent times several groups and organizations raised objections over the depiction of their caste, religion, profession and region. Taking those concerns into consideration, the Regional Censor Board has imposed new rules for Telugu movies.

The guidelines are :

Visuals and dialogues, which may directly and indirectly hint at particular caste, religion, region, profession, should be scrupulously avoided
Should refrain from using words like Kuntoda, Guddoda, Chevitoda, Mugoda, Natti, Words like Nee yamma, Nee Abba, Naa Koduka, Donganakoduka, Dobbeyyyadam, Thokkallo, etc should be removed.

Lampooning or portraying or making mockery of their caste/religious status must be avoided and refrain from showing physically challenged as villains and comedians or showing them in bad light.

Names of characters indicating the caste/religious status should not be used. Dialect and accent of a particular region may not be used in depicting villains/comedians.

Professions like Police, Medical, Teaching should not be shown in poor light as they would demoralize the respective professions.

Extra care should be taken not to film violent scenes and objectionable scenes at places of worship. The sanctity of the place of worship should be kept in mind.

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