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Neninthe movie review-novel tale but stale presentation

Neninthe movie review

Neninthe movie review

Ravi Teja, Seiya, Sayaji Shinde, Subbaraju, Supreeth, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Satyam Rajesh, Mumaith Khan, Krishna Bhagawan, Sairam Shankar, V V Vinayak, Raja Ravindra and others


Music: Chakri
Cinematography: Sam K Naidu
Editing: Varma
Art: Chinna
Fights: Ram – Laxman
Produced by: DVV Danayya
Banner :Universal Media
Story, dialogues, and screenplay and direction: Puri Jagannadh

Neninthe: movie review

Neninthe: movie review

The Film

Neninthe has a novel plot and a new storyline with filmmaking itself as a backdrop, but fails to entertain.

The Synopsis

Ravi (Ravi Teja) is an assistant director working in the directorial department of Idli (Brahmanandam), who puts on a show of knowing everything about film-making. Ravi bears with patience the ill treatment being meted out to him, as he has dreams of becoming a full-fledged director at the earliest opportunity. Idli is directing a film with hero Mallik (Subbaraju) and heroine (Mumaith Khan). This film releases and flops putting producer (Sayaji Shinde) in a tight financial position.

Ravi, meanwhile falls in love with Sandhya (Seiya) who is a group dancer. However, a dada Yadu (Supreeth) also has an evil eye on her, which results in clashes between Ravi and Yadu.
Destiny and fate take over the lives of Ravi and Sandhya. She becomes a top heroine and Ravi also gets a chance to direct a film. The rest of the story deals with whether Ravi realizes his dream.

Neninthe: movie review

Neninthe: movie review

The Performances

The saving grace of this film is good performances by Ravi Teja and Seiya. Though on debut, the heroine looks competent and convincing. Brahmanandam is his usual self. Sayaji Shinde is routine. Subbaraju’s character is credible. Mumaith Khan is incredible. Krishna Bhagavan fits his role. Supreeth is good as a bad man. Venu Madhav is stale. Sairam Shankar’s character as a fan is interesting. VV Vinayak fills the VIP presence.

The Techniques

Puri Jaganadh did something different. There had been spoofs on certain real life characters of Tollywood. But, since the humour quotient is drawn from the domain of film-making, only those connected with film industry can enjoy those spoofs. For the non-filmy audience, the humour may not hit the bull’s eye.

Puri’s screenplay does not make the narration interesting or grip the attention of the viewers. A series of unrelated contrived incidents are more prone to confuse the audience, particularly when there is no identifiable storyline and improper characterization of the protagonists and the chief supporting characters.

Neninthe: movie review

Neninthe: movie review

There is nothing wrong with cinematography and editing. There is nothing special to write about those areas. Chakri for once composes unadulterated cacophony. At least sometime ago he used to compose music. As a random joining of scenes do not make a screenplay, random mixture of different sounds do not make music.

The Verdict

The combination of Puri Jaganadh and Ravi Teja has given a lot of hype to the film and hope to the audience. But Neninthe turns out to be a damp squib.

If the film’s purpose is to entertain, then Neninthe does not do that. If the film’s purpose is to enlighten the public about the intricate intrigues of film-making, then Neninthe fails.

Neninthe is a soup without sauce and salt.

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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