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Neeraj Pandey to direct Ekta Kapoor’s film

Neeraj Pandey to direct Ekta Kapoor's film

Neeraj Pandey to direct Ekta Kapoor's film

Director Neeraj Pandey instantly zoomed into stardom with his very first film “A Wednesday” a political thriller that swept the audience off their feet and filling the cash chest at the box office.

This film is so good that Kamal Hasan purchased its Tamil and Telugu remake rights of “A Wednesday” and acting in them.
The news now is that the rights issue of the film has been settled between Neeraj Pandey and UTV and plans are afoot to make the prequel to “A Wednesday”.

Meanwhile Neeraj Pandey has been signed up by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Films to make a film. The director has the script ready and it will be another political thriller without the mainstream elements.

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