Nayanatara plays truant with Shimbu

Nayanatara plays truant with ShimbuThe sexy southern siren Nayanatara is always in the news for the wrong reasons. Though her career on screen is flowing as smoothly as dough from ATMs, she has some frail and fragile relationships in real life.

Nayanatara was seen earlier in a strong bond with Shimbu. They spent some quality time romancing each other. There were also loud whispers that the two may walk up the aisle to the altar.

Then, all of a sudden, these two broke up. The reason was said to be that another Tamil hero gave a brand new BMW car as a gift to Nayanatara. So Shimbu was bitten by fangs of jealousy and walked out.

Now the buzz is that Shimbu is trying hard to mend fences with Nayanatara. It is not known whether he is keen to revive his romance with her, but he is very much keen to cast her as his leading lady in the forthcoming film Shilabatham.

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