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Naomi Campbell to buy house in Venice

Naomi Campbell to buy house in Venice

Venice, Sep 8 : British supermodel Naomi Campbell’s billionaire Russian boyfriend is set to buy her a historic building in Venice said to have been lived in by a woman who inspired Shakespeare’s “Othello”.

Campbell and Vladislav Voronin met with the owner of the Palazzo Contarini-Fasan, overlooking Venice’s Grand Canal, and a contract of sale was being drawn up.

Campbell and Voronin are in Venice for the annual film festival.

According to legend, the building, built in 1475 and known to locals as “Desdemona’s House”, was the home of a noblewoman, Desdemona, who was murdered by her jealous husband.

It is claimed that Shakespeare drew inspiration from the real-life Desdemona in “Othello”, whose romantic heroine has the same name and is smothered to death.

Voronin is the chairman of the Capital Group, a Moscow-based real estate developer.

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