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Nanna Movie Review

Nanna Movie Review

The Film

Nanna is an intricate emotional drama between a mentally challenged father and his little baby girl. The story unfolds with a strong unwritten appeal to treat the mentally handicapped people not with sympathy but affectionate understanding.

The Synopsis

Krishna (Vikram), working in a confectionary company, is a single parent with his girl child Vennela (Baby Sarah) as his wife died during delivery. With the help of good natured neighbours, Krishna takes care of his little girl in spite of his disability. He is mentally challenged having a child’s mind in an adult body. But his love and affection towards his daughter is passionate.

The lives of Krishna and Vennela get a jolt when Krishna’s father-in-law (Sachin Khedkar) takes away the little girl on the plea that a mentally disabled Krishna cannot properly take care of Vennela. At her maternal grand father’s house, she is kept under the guardianship of Swetha (Amala Paul), sister of her departed mother.

Nanna Movie Review

Krishna is furious and he wants his girl back at any cost. He comes across an advocate Anuradha (Anushka) who files legal proceedings to get Krishna the custody of Vennela. She is up against a formidable legal opponent Bhashyam (Nassar).

Will Krishna get back his daughter? Can Anuradha win the legal battle? What happens to the feelings of little Vennela? Can Krishna survive the trauma of separation from his daughter? Answers to these questions lead to a heart-warming climax.

Nanna Movie Review

The Performances

The versatile Vikram excels as the mentally challenged person and his portrayal is very convincing. He has neither overdone nor underplayed his role and his emoting stirs your heart. Baby Sarah, bereft of adult inhibitions, gives a stellar performance. Anushka essays her role with aplomb. Amala Paul does well.. Nassar is as usual confident. All others are ok in their parts.

The Techniques

The story is nearer to reality than contrived fiction and the characterization of the lead actors had been done elaborately. The emotional content of the various incidents have been handled with maturity without falling into the trap of melodrama. The screenplay has highlighted the child-man and child-child relationships while gradually building up the intensity of narration. director Vijay AL has told a good

story very well. Dialogues are meaningful. Music by GV Prakash has added to the moods of the situations. Nirav Shah’ cinematography is top notch. The vibrant frames balance the dark emotions of the scenes. Editing and audiography help the smooth flow of narration. Production values are high.

Nanna Movie Review

The Verdict

Nanna is a memorable film with a difficult theme handled with sensitivity and sensibility. The film has to be seen for the exceptional performances by Vikram and Baby Sarah, vibrant visuals, heart-warming music and the deft touch of the director in telling the story of a mentally challenged person challenging the societal system . with child-like courage and unadulterated emotions.

The Cast and Crew

Vikram, Baby Sarah, Anushka, Sachin Khedkar, Nassar, Amala Paul and others
Music: GV Prakash
Cinematography: Nirav Shah.
Producers: Suresh Kondeti and Malla Vijay Prasad
Director: Vijay AL

The Rating
3.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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