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Nandoo Not Discouraged with Failure of ‘Pesarattu’

Nandoo Not Discouraged with Failure of 'Pesarattu'

Tollywood actor Nandoo is not happy with the result of “Pesarattu” which was his latest Telugu release, says he is not discouraged. He said filmmaking is a “collective effort” and a single person can’t be held accountable for the failure of a film.
Nandoo told “The result to my film was definitely not expected but my effort was genuine. I’m not discouraged with the response. I will take utmost care in selection of scripts next time”.
“Pesarattu” was touted to be the first crowd-sourced film in Telugu. It was directed by Mahesh Katti.
He said, “Filmmaking is a collective effort and I think it’s unfair to blame a single person for failure. I’d like to thank everybody who stood by me and continue to support”.
His next film is yet to be released busy under filmmaker Maruti’s banner and now he is busy in shooting for Ram Gopal Varma’s Telugu film “365 Days”.

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