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Nandana Sen’s Rang Rasiya arrives in November

Nandana Sen’s Rang Rasiya arrives in November

The film Rang Rasiya based on the lide and times of legendary painter Raja Ravi Varma produced and directed by Ketan Mehta is getting ready for release in November.

It is historic docu-drama not in the regular commercial cinema mould and has earned lot of publicity for the intimate and passionate scenes between Randeep Hooda who plays Ravi Varma and Nandana Sen in the role of his muse Sugandhabai.

The film has been certified by the Censor Board with an ‘A’ and the film was ready in 2008 itself but could not be released as no distributor came forward. Ketan Mehta says that at last he found a distributor for its release in November.

The film is expected to appeal to the multiplex film goers.

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