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Nandamuri Family Fight Over NTR Statue

Nandamuri Family Fight Over NTR Statue

Nataratna Dr.NTR enjoys iconic status in the hearts of all telugu people, irrespective of their political leanings. All his family members are striving to get some mileage using his name.

While the permission for installation of NTR statue in parliament hall should be rejoiced by one and all, family members are fighting to draw mileage out of it. While Union Minister and NTR daughter Purandreswari and her Husband D.Venkateswara Rao claimed credit accusing TDP president Babu of not doing anything, Balakrishna blasted Purandreswari for twisting facts. Even Harikrishna took on Venkateswara Rao saying Son in Law and Cong Party has no right to speak about NTR.

His wife Lakshmi Parvathi joined the fray saying credit goes to her as his wife as she signed the documents. Fans are however hurt by Nandamuri family washing dirty linen in public.

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