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Nandamuri family fight

Nandamuri family fightThe latest episode in the Nandamuri family drama is now running between NTR screen successor Balakrishna and his controversial second wife Laxmi Parvathi.

In a report filed on behalf of Balakrishna in the high court of Andhra Pradesh in Basavatarakam trust case he accused her marrying his father with an eye on his property and social status, not only that this time he went a step ahead and questioned the very legality of the marriage itself. He told the court laxmi parvathi already had a son from her first husband and hadn’t divorced to him before solemnizing her second marriage with his father hence, he opinioned, her second marriage is null and void.

Some insider said with active baking of Chandrababu, BalaKrishna trying to get it back from her. The fact is the house at present laxmi parvathi is residing is in the name of NTR’fourth daughter who is now settled in United States and she already informed her mind to other family members that she is in no way interested to interfere in the family fight and decided to allow Laxmi parthi to stay in.

If that is true all these Krishnas of N.T Rama Rao have no right to seek its possession.

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