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Nagarjuna’s ad with Kalyan Jewellers a hit with customers?

Nagarjuna's ad with Kalyan Jewellers a hit with customers?

Akkineni Nagarjuna, the darling of `aunties’ didn’t seem to lose his charm going by the sales at Kalyan Jewellers. Ever since he took over as brand ambassador of the jewellery brand, the cash boxes are kept ringing in kalyan jewellers, thanks to his ad “at Kalyan Jewellers the jewellery themselves would tell their price showing price tag”. Everyday, the jewellery brand is making a business of about Rs 2 crore.

No wonder other jewellery shops, who can’t afford a brand ambassador are complaining of the same. There is no much difference when compared to their price and our price but it seems that customers going there only going by Nagarjuna’s charm, a gold merchant was heard as saying.

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