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Nagarjuna is the 21st Century Daddy

Nagarjuna is the 21st Century Daddy

King Nagarjuna knows how to keep his words. He is practical about thing rather than being hypothetical. The senior romantic hero has simple thoughts for the marriage of his son and he already have revealed them.
Nagarjuna was asked if he will allow his sons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil for a love-marriage like the way he married Amala than Nagarjuna replied, “I’ve got freedom to express my love as my father (late ANR) respects opinions of others a lot. In the same way even my sons could openly talk to me about anything. He hinted that he will allow his sons to take their own decisions even about marriage.
He added, “I’ve already told my sons to go and find a girl themselves. I’ve told Chaitu to find his girl and let me know if he is having anyone on his mind. Also he could get married on his own. This shows how open minded Nag is.

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