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Naga Chaitanya undergoing training in China

Naga Chaitanya undergoing training in ChinaHero Nagarjuna is launching his son Naga Chaitanya into films later this year. The ground work has been completed and a new comer, Vinay Varma will direct the film.

The name of the heroine has now yet been finalized. Sania Mirza’s name was mentioned in the media as the likely choice but Nagarjuna has dismissed this as mere rumors.

Naga Chaitanya has been undergoing training for his stint in films for nearly two years now. He has been trained in acting from a reputed school in Mumbai. He has also learnt horse riding and stunts.

He is now in China to learn martial arts. With adequate training and a good lineage, his father is a big hero and his grandpa, ANR is a legendary actor, Naga Chaitanya has everything going for him. The film will hit the screens in early 2009.

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