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Naayak Movie Review

Naayak Movie Review


CG Trix software engineer Cherry (Ram Charan) fall in love with Madhu(Kachal) sister of Gandipet Babji(Rahul Dev) a local don, while trying to save his uncle Jilebi(Brahmanandam). When everthing seems to be going on his side, CBI Officer (Ashish Vidyarthi) and his team target Cherry for the high profile murders taking place in Kolkata and Hyderabad with the sole motto of eliminating Minister Rawat(Pradeep Rawat).

Who is behind these murders and what Cherry got to do with the murders should be unraveled on silver screen.


Ram Charan showed his power and class in the film and will be carrying it on his shoulders. He excelled in dances and there is a vast improvement in his dialogues. His dances in Hey Nayak and Laila songs are simply superb. Kajal’s chemistry with Ram Charan came out well and she looked beautiful in the film. Amala Paul presence is very minimal and she did not get chance to perform. Brahmanandam,Posani,MS.Narayana,Jayaprakash Reddy, Rahul Dev,Pradeep Rawat, Ashis Vidyarthi and others did their job accordingly.


Vinayak is right on target this time with good story,script and direction. Brahmanandam and MS.Narayana comedy in the first and second half of the film makes people tickle with laughter. While the second half is loaded with lot of violence and action, it looks like preparation of sorts for movie lovers with the lighter first half.

Inspite of Vinayak taking care there are some loopholes in the script and movie lovers will be reminded of vairous hit films. Brahmi’s role is in similar lines of Raviteja’s Krishna and the interest in the story diminishes the moment mystery behind murders are revealed.Second half is slow and climax is a let down.


Music by Thaman is good and choreography for the songs is excellent. Stunts are over the mind. Cinematography is beautiful and Editing is good. Songs are good and even BGM is fine.

Final Talk

Nayak came out of monotonous storyline and has all the potential to become Sankranthi Nayak.

Directed by: VV Vinayak
Produced by: DVV Danayya
Screenplay by: Akula Shiva
Story by: Akula Shiva
Starring : Ram Charan Teja,Kajal Aggarwal,Amala Paul
Music by: SS Thaman
Cinematography: Chota K. Naidu
Studio :  Universal Media

The Rating
3.5 out of 5
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