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Naaku O Loverundi Movie Review

Naaku O Loverundi Movie Review

The Film

Naku O Loverundi appears to be a prejudiced attempt at spoofing the mainstream film format with a pathetic attempt to make the audience laugh with senseless tomfoolery. The repeated attempt to make fun of the obesity of Krishnudu is disgusting.

The Synopsis

The film opens with Neelima (Rithika) attacked by goons. Then there is Class (Munna Venu) and Krishna Sastry (Krishnudu), who runs away from his marriage pandal, both intending to commit suicide by jumping into Hussain Sagar but survive. In the flash back, Krishna Sastry, son of Omkara Sastry (MS Narayana), is groomed to be a purohit. But, he wants to be like other youngsters and fall in love and he does with Neelima. He helps her avoid her marriage with Suresh (Suresh) by fudging horoscopes. Dhoti-clad Krishna Sastry, egged on by his mother (Hema) and brother Vedam (Master Bharat), turns into jeans-attired Krish to woo Neelima. He even tries to learn to play violin because Neelima is at the music academy. Omkara wants Krishna to marry Ambujakshi (Geeta Singh), but Krish is in love with Neelu! An adamant Krishna Sastry is thrown out of the house by his father. He is given shelter by Clas, who is an undertaker. Meanwhile, Suresh harasses Neelima to marry him and contracts Ice Raja (Ali) to kill Krish. When Krish says I-love-you to

Naaku O Loverundi Movie Review

Neelima, she reveals that she is in search of an unknown hero who saved her from the goons. Krish is crestfallen. Suresh kidnaps Neelima to forcibly marry her. Krish goes there beats the rowdies to pulp and saves Neelima. Then it is revealed that it is Krishna Sastry who actually saved Neelima from the goons! So she tells him I-love-you and the curtains are down.

The Performances

Poor Krishnudu ambles around like a huge mass of protoplasm without a nucleus. Rithika, sensuous and gorgeous, is sure to rue her debut with this film. Munna Venu and his gang of undertakers do everything to make the proceedings funny, but the scattered audience respond with deathly silence. Suresh, MS Narayana, Ali and all others move like confused zombies – poor fellas – they don’t know what they are doing. The less said about the others, the better.

The Techniques

Naaku O Loverundi Movie Review

Story is credited to Raghava T and he takes us on a carelessly contrived spin which is neither a spoof nor a satire nor a parody, but huge hoax played on the viewers. His dialogues border on such facetiousness that makes you wonder what the characters are talking about! Director K Ram Venki is confusion confounded and it reflects in his screenplay which makes you dumbfounded. Music by KM Radhakrishnan is totally irrelevant to the narration, except again as proof of spoof. You feel sad for chubby Krishnudu trying to dance like Prabhu Deva and fight

like Mahesh Babu. Camera work is done mostly with passport-photo lighting. Production costs – the producer K Suresh Babu obviously had lots of dough to spray around on a senseless cinema.

The Verdict

Naaku O Loverundi Movie Review

In the film, at a coffee shop, hero Krishnudu tells a joke and expects heroine Rithika to laugh, but she doesn’t. She shots back,” Is it a joke!?” – That sums up the insensitivity and the sense deficiency of the film.

If you find the synopsis above confusing, well that’s what the film is – so maddeningly confusing.

As shown in the synopsis, in the opening scene, Krishan Sastry (Krishnudu) and Class undertaker (Munna Venu) attempt suicide and survive. Even their survival is supposed to be a comedy! But, after watching the film, you feel that you would have been better off if both the characters Krishna Sastry and Class were successful in their suicide bid!

Naku O Loverundi is poorly made and if you see it, makes you poorer purse-wise and leaves you at your wits end . The film is a mindless assault on the sensibilities of the audience.

After watching the film, you may also wonder whether the Censor Board should confine itself only to visual vulgarity or should it have powers to ban qualitative obscenity and senselessness also in films.

The Cast and Crew
Krishnudu, Rithika, Munna Venu, Suresh, Hema, Master Bharat, MS Narayana, Ali, Geeta Singh and others
Music : KM Radhakrishnana
Story & Dialogues : Raghava T
Camera : SD John
Producer: K Suresh Babu
Banner: Sri Sivaparvathi Combines
Screenplay-Direction: K Ram Venki

The Rating
0.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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